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Why Invest Here?

A home here won’t break the bank. Whether you’re purchasing a second home or looking to make the Myrtle Beach area your permanent residence, our real estate market offers affordable prices and many fantastic amenities. Recent research of the area’s real estate market shows an increasing number of properties sold and increasing prices, which is good news for any investor. And you’ll find sensational neighborhoods, each with their own unique personalities all along the Grand Strand. Some are on the water and have community docks, and many are centered near fairways and greens.

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Investing in Real Estate in Myrtle Beach - Fox Good Day CharlotteWe’re a pro-business beach. South Carolina is one of the top states for growth in self-employment, growth in exports, job placement efficiency, and business-friendly state-and-local tax climate. South Carolina is consistently ranked as one of the nation's most pro-business states by Forbes. Our state’s tax climate rewards investment and new employment by offering the lowest corporate income tax in the Southeast and no inventory tax. The tax incentive list also includes tax exemptions, abatements, moratoriums, credits and reductions for new and expanding companies. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, South Carolina has one of the lowest per capita tax rates in the country, and our lawmakers, state political leaders and local officials are committed to ensuring that the tax structure remains competitive and attractive to individuals, manufacturers and small business owners who may be considering our state as their new home.

Sunshine, sand and Southern hospitality. With an average annual temperature of 74°F, and around 215 sunny days a year, it’s no wonder the people who live here are in such good spirits.In our community, you’ll not only find plenty to do along 60-miles of picture-perfect shoreline, you’ll find happy people eager to help and excited to welcome you into the neighborhood. You’ll find making each day count is easy in the Myrtle Beach area, as the community offers access to thousands of restaurants, attractions and entertainment options beyond our beautiful beach.

First Person

The assistance Gina Trimarco, founder of Carolina Improv Co., received from others when starting her endeavor was one reason for her success, the size of the Grand Strand was another.

“Because Myrtle Beach is not a huge metropolitan market, I could be a big fish in a small pond," Gina says."I would have never done this in Chicago, where I moved from, for several reasons. The biggest is that there is too much competition for this art form there; improv studios are everywhere. Here, it is a unique concept, and people are hungry for unique businesses. Also, because of the area’s size, networking is very effective, and there are so many opportunities to do it.”


Thank you for your email but we have loved the Myrtle Beach area for many years and are fortunate to own a second home there which will become our primary residence starting in September. Thanks and have a great day! - Deborah

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