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Little River, South Carolina

Little River Sign imageThis small fishing village, located in the northernmost part of the Myrtle Beach area, provides a relaxing, laid back destination for travelers. Continuously inhabited since the first trading post was established in the 1700s, Little River offers interesting adventures on land and sea. Originally, it was a popular harbor for pirates and Civil War blockade-runners, but now the area is known for its deep-sea fishing, charter boats and commercial fishing, casino cruise tours and golf.

Watch Video About Little River, South Carolina For those seeking excitement, Jet Ski and boat rentals are available on the waterway. Deep sea fishing charters leave with the sunrise, taking anglers to some of the best fishing spots on the coast. Shorter fishing and party boat cruises are also available throughout the day.  Evening trips on casino boats offer excitement and fun. Locals and tourists alike enjoy watching fish and shrimp boats going out in the early morning in search of the day's catch as the sun rises along the calm inlet waters.

At the end of the day, commercial fishing boats come in, one by one, with fresh seafood to satisfy the hunger diners at local restaurants and seafood markets, while visitors enjoy sunset strolls along the live oak-lined historic waterfront. Little River's annual Blue Crab Festival, held every May, is an over 30 year-long tradition that attracts thousands to a weekend of live music, arts and crafts, and, of course, seafood prepared in dozens of ways.  October brings the Shrimp and Jazz Festival highlighting the delicious crustacean and the sounds of cool jazz. A visit to Little River always leaves visitors looking forward to the next trip.

For more information on Little River, South Carolina, visit the Little River Chamber of Commerce website.